20 Weeks - Half way there!

Kristina: We have officially concluded 20 weeks of pregnancy and are half way to our October 11th deadline! I had another dr. appointment last week and got to hear the little guy's heartbeat again.... boy, is he squirmy! But I look forward to that sound every month. I can feel him moving quite frequently and have been feeling his little kicks. Perhaps he's already practicing to impress his daddy with his soccer skills!

We celebrated Jeff's 35th birthday this past week! God had to remind me that no matter how hard I try, I just will never be a good cook! It was a poke to the eye after I had spent 3 hours in the kitchen and nothing went right. But we had some good laughs about it. And I won't be cooking next year... that's for sure! (FYI, I do have a few good meals that I can cook... I'm not ALL bad!)

Jeff: Where's the nearest McDonalds?

Kristina: Hardy har har... ANYHOOOOO... moving along... we had a HUGE answer to prayer this week as we found a new tenant for the house we used to live in. We were very unsure how we'd be affected by the tragedy that occurred at the house w/ our previous tenant. Although legally we didn't have to disclose what happened, we felt it was the right thing to do even though it might bring us some challenges. We had two potential interests that we never heard back from once we shared the information with them. This left us feeling nervous & unsure about how long this process might actually take. A few days later, we had two more potentials who were still interested after we told them. We're not sure how we, ourselves, would've responded had we been "the tenant" so we are very grateful that God provided this person for us, one who we feel extremely comfortable & confident with moving forward. PHEW!!

For you Americans, we hope you've enjoyed the long weekend! :-) We ask for your continued prayers (U.S. and Canadian please) for the health of our pregnancy. And as promised, here are a few more photos! I'll try and make them more colorful next time! xoxoxo


Mom in Texas said...

You look absolutely radiant. I am so happy for you and Jeff. That little fellow is very lucky to have you two as parents. I know he will be loved and nourished beyond all. I love you and keep the pictures coming. They are wonderful.

Amy Brake said...

Sooo precious, you look great Kris, dont fret another minute, and enjoy the "Dolly" features while you got em;-) Love you and am soo excited for ya'll!-Amy