12 Weeks to go and counting....

Kristina: We're happy to report that all is going well in the life of the Heptings! Baby h is still showing off his moves and they are definitely getting stronger and more noticeable to the outside world. The books are telling us that the baby now gets startled by loud noises which is kind of funny. I can totally feel an abrupt movement from him at the sound of an unexpected, loud noise. He's probably just over 2 pounds right now and almost 15 inches long!

I continue to feel pretty good for the most part which I am so grateful for. Believe me, there's always something a pregnant girl could complain about but when you put it all into perspective, it's minor on most days. :-) My biggest battle recently has been my swollen feet and my acceptance of my new "cankles". That has been HARD!! So I am just trying to watch my sodium intake a little more carefully and attempting to elevate my feet more often. Hmmm.. can you say bon bons??! :-)

My wonderful sister in law will be hosting my shower probably at the end of August some time so I have recently braved the registering process. That was an overwhelming but fun experience. I had LOTS of notes from many friends who have had babies in the past couple of years ... it was awesome to have recommendations based on recent experiences! Plus I did my own research so I had a lot of information and felt very prepared. It was such a feeling of accomplishment once I was done!! It did feel surreal though... I won't lie! And this topic gives me the opportunity to "showcase" a talent of one of my dear friends, Stephanie Flies. She has decided to take her passion to the next level and is now creating invitations, birth announcements, etc. I've posted a link to her website, IDesign, under the add'l blogs listed on the right side of our page. Whether you're near or far, you should take a looksy... she is very creative and talented and will be doing my invitations, thank you cards and birth announcements. I'm very excited! Even her blog is so fun to read! There's a link to it from this page if you have time to see what I mean. :-)

Jeff has started a new project of re-landscaping our front yard. Now for those of you who don't know Jeff too well, not only does he enjoy projects, but he LOVES his yard! He is so creative and so good at keeping everything so nice, neat and lush looking. He does have a tendency, however, to wait until the absolute hottest days of summer to do these outside projects! Drives me nuts! So now, at 110 degrees outside, Jeff is raking and shoveling rock, removing and replacing plants, bringing in and shoveling down new dirt and laying down new rock. His hard work always pays off as I know we will love his new creation. I'll have to remember to take a picture and pass it along once we're all done.

We are looking forward to our friends, Scott and Erin, moving back this week! And we head out the 1st of August until the 10th for our family reunion vacation in Gatlinburg, Tennessee! So it will be probably be a while until our next "hello". We've attached a few pictures below for your entertainment...one is from a night out with my sister in law and her family. Jen's birthday was on the 14th so we all enjoyed a nice dinner at "Roy's" together. Unfortunately, I didn't get to enjoy a glass of wine as I normally would dining there, but only 12 more weeks, right? :-) And the other photos are of my growing belly. I have completed 28 weeks! Here's a link, also, to show the progression over the past 8 weeks. They're the same photos you've seen on here but you can see the "growth" a little more clearly this way. Just click on the album... you don't have to have sign in or have an account: