35 Week Photo Update!

Warning! It's big! :)

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5 Weeks To Go!

Kristina: Here's an update on what's been going on since our return from Gatlinburg:

My sister, Jodi, came on out for a short visit so that she could be here for my baby shower. It was very sweet of her to come and we really enjoyed having her here... it's too bad it wasn't for just a tad bit longer! My shower was wonderful and we can't thank our family & friends enough for their love and support. We received so many gifts from our registry and that has been so helpful to us. Friends at work are having a shower for me the third week of September and hopefully after that we'll be able to complete our nursery. It's coming along quite nicely so far and I just can't help going in there everyday just to look at everything! It's all just too cute!

Our friends, Scott and Erin, stayed with us for a while and were able to move into their new house right before Jodi got here. And last week on August 25th, they had a beautiful baby girl, Nora Grace. She weighed in at 8 pounds 10.5 ounces and is very precious! It's kind of nice having someone I'm so close to go through this process first .. I've been asking a lot of questions and stealing organizational ideas for the nursery. It's been a big help!

Jeff & I finished the last of three birthing classes that we took at the hospital this past Wednesday night. We would highly recommend these classes to anyone having a baby for their first time, but I won't lie... it definitely put a little more of a "scare" into the labor/delivery aspect for me! I do think, however, that it gave Jeff more knowledge and confidence to be a great support and coach while we're in the delivery room. I think he said he might even go get himself a whistle! :)

Our front yard is progressing too as Jeff has been hard at work the past couple of weeks. All of the old rock has been removed, new dirt has been brought in, mounds have been formed, plants have been planted ... oh, it's coming along. He still has more planting to do and then will bring in our new rock. It's so labor intensive and I can't understand why he enjoys it so much, especially when it's 100 degrees outside but he definitely puts a lot of heart into it and it shows. Wait til you see it! :)

We look forward to a visit next week from our friends Colin and Dev from Vancouver and the following week from my cousin Nikki from NY. It's hard to believe that by the time that's all said and done, we're at the end of September already...