The Countdown Is On!

Kristina: Long time, no blog... sorry! I've had no desire to sit down for an hour to type out the past month's happenings and upload photos. But I will try to be better since we'll have more to keep in touch about very soon! :)

Things have been good lately. We had a wonderful time with our friends Colin and Dev who visited from Vancouver. We stayed quite busy during the 10 days they were here and thoroughly enjoyed our time with them. I was also able to visit with my cousin Nikki and two of her little boys during one night of her stay in Arizona. It's definitely interesting to catch a glimpse into the lives of little boys ... I hope we're ready for this! :)

Jeff has been under a bit of stress at work as they have handed him some pretty big projects to manage recently. While all that is good, it just comes at an awkward time considering our circumstances. But he handles it well and we're just so thankful for his job during this depressing time in our economy. I have been done with work for quite some time now although I volunteered to fill a need at my office for 3 weeks. It was for 24 hours per week and since it's not our busiest office, I caught up on emails and read "baby" .. it wasn't a lot of fun but it definitely helped pass the time a bit as I was starting to go a little stir crazy in the house!

As many of you know, we celebrated my 32nd birthday last week. (I cannot believe I am 32!) Saturday night, the 4th, was our "big" night out. We enjoyed a nice dinner out together and then met our friends, Josh and Katherine, for a comedy show. It was SO much fun! We just happened to catch Last Comic Standing on TV this summer and the final five contestants were here in town to perform. We are obsessed (healthily) with one of the comics, Jeff Dye. Unfortunately, he wasn't the winner, he came in third but that remains mind boggling to us. He, BY FAR, had the most laughs and the longest line at the autographs table during intermission. But that's besides the point. We met him during intermission and bought one of his CDs, shook his hand, and took a pic with him. One of the things we've liked about him from the beginning is that he doesn't tell "crude" jokes but still manages to make us cry from laughing so hard. Come to find out at his performance last Saturday that he is a Christian and takes a stance in not using profanity in his stand up. Now, we bought his CD and there were a couple of things on there that were a bit more on the "edgy" side but still... in comparison he is pretty clean and all I can say is that he is HILARIOUS and everyone should go see him! :)

So on to baby news... my dr. appointment this morning revealed that I am now 1 cm dilated. The baby hasn't dropped yet and my cervix is still quite high so there wasn't much the doctor could do to help labor start progressing. If I haven't gone into labor by Friday, I will go in on Friday for a "foley catheter" and we are scheduled late Friday night through Sunday for induction. The hospital will call us any time between those days for us to come in & we're expecting it to be shortly after midnight the first night. I have to say that I have been feeling pretty good lately. A couple of days this last week I have felt pretty tired but I think it's because I cleaned our entire house and was just busying myself with things. I'm definitely big and I'm definitely uncomfortable 80% of the time but I think knowing that by the end of this upcoming weekend our little guy will be here just puts me at ease a bit. Our nursery is pretty much ready and has been for a couple of weeks now. Our house is clean. Our bags are packed. Jeff's parents arrived late on Friday and my mom and sister, Toni, have booked their flights to come out. What's left??!!

Oh and we thought we'd include a 39 week belly shot... below is a link to view our progression:


Please keep us in your prayers this week! We would really love to experience going into labor naturally rather than being induced but we trust God in all of it and are preparing ourselves for however baby h will come into this world. We are very much looking forward to introducing our precious son to you all and we can't wait to finally hold him in our arms!

And happy Thanksgiving to our fellow Canadians! We hope your Turkey dinner tonight was as yummy as ours! :)


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sjk said...

Hi Kristina, We're anxious to hear if your little one has made a healthy arrival! about the lion chair, I got it at PBKids about 2 yrs ago. ~The Kearneys