Luke is 4 weeks old!

Kristina: 4 weeks have come and gone and we are still adjusting to our new roles as mommy & daddy. The first three weeks were manageable but I think it might've been because we were on cloud nine. This fourth week has been tough! Jeff went away to Michigan for a wedding and the day after he left, Luke was a completely different baby. We were up one morning at 1:15 and never went back to sleep! That same day, my sister Toni was here for a visit and the following day my mom arrived. It meant so much to have them here spending time with our precious little guy... although he might've seemed a little less precious to them! He was very fussy, fussier than usual and he cried A LOT! I ended up taking him to the doctor on Friday and found out that he's been constipated. I also found out that our little whopper junior is now almost 12 pounds! No wonder my back is killing me! Soooooooo we're just trying to get him "regular" again and hoping that it happens fairly soon. It's so hard to hear him cry so much... and so loudly!

I don't have too many NEW pictures, but here's a link to some that we have uploaded on Shutterfly that you may not have seen. We'll have more recent ones up next time.