Your Christmas Card

Kristina: Just couldn't get to it this year! We took the photos and even uploaded it all to Shutterfly but by the time we would've finished it, ordered it, bought stamps and addressed all the envelopes, Christmas might've just come and gone! So, Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from the Hepting Family! :)


Gratefulness & Smiles

Kristina: Every year when the holiday season approaches I feel as though time is just flying! It's hard to believe that another year has passed and I wonder if I truly take the time to thank the Lord for all the wonderful blessings He's bestowed upon my family & I over the past 12 months. Sometimes I can't think of this without being overwhelmed with emotion. I feel truly grateful for our family, for our friends, for our church, for our home, for our jobs, for our cars, for our health, for so many things. And of course, I am most thankful this year for our beautiful son, Luke Henry. He is growing so fast ... 7 weeks old already! It's amazing to witness the changes in him on a daily basis. He brings us such joy... as well as frustration at times but let's focus on the joy! :)

This past month has been a time of major adjustment in our lives. The first few weeks, Luke was so easy. All he did was sleep, eat and poop. And while he still does these things quite often, just after 3 weeks something changed. We've been up at night a lot with him, we have been comforting him during his hours of crying in the evening and sometimes for hours during the day. But through all of these trials, he has also learned to smile and has been doing this since week 4. His smiles are much more frequent now and just completely melt our hearts! Whenever he is with just one of us and the other comes in to say hi to him, he smiles so big! He is also cooing which he does most on his changing table. The mornings are my favorite! He can be on his changing table for an hour just smiling and goo-ing and ga-ing. It's the sweetest sound and no matter how frustrating he can be at times, it's these moments that make it all worth it.

We are overjoyed to be spending this Christmas with Luke and teaching him each and every year what the true meaning of Christmas is. We love this little guy so much and want him to know how special and loved he is, not only to us, but to Jesus as well.

We welcome your prayers as we continue to adjust to our new lives as parents. Specifically, good rest for Luke and for us! :) Love to you all and best wishes for a wonderful December! We hope that you'll take the time during the busyness to reflect on the true reason why we celebrate Christmas.