Luke is 3 months old!

This past weekend our dear friend Stephanie Flies took some photos of Luke to capture some sweet moments on his three month birthday. Steph is our friend who took his pictures at the hospital when he was born too! I knew I would never be able to take them as good as she could so thank you Steph, once again, for your thoughtfulness and for the time you took to do this for us!



Happy New Year!

Kristina: The holidays have come and gone so quickly this year. I was sad as we took down all of our Christmas decorations this past weekend. We had a wonderful holiday season especially with Luke joining us in the celebrations. We also had a visit from Jeff's brother, Jeremy, his wife, Tammie, and their son, Joshua. Josh turned one this past August and will welcome his new sibling some time in April of this year. It was so fun to see how much he's changed since we last saw him in early August! I think he had fun too playing with his cousins, Alyse and Olivia. They were quite the little helpers with Josh and Luke and are going to be great babysitters one day!

Christmas Eve is always special as we attend the candlelight service at church and sing Christmas carols & hymns. This year was a little different since Luke "preferred" to be in the lobby instead of the sanctuary but I still got to listen from there. I ended up taking him to the nursery and playing with him in there which kept him quite happy. After service, we went to Jeff's parent's house with his parents and Jen, Ryan and the girls. Luke stayed quite alert for the whole evening and that night... a Christmas miracle... he slept straight through until 6 a.m.!! After feeding him, I put him back down and he slept until 8 a.m.!! It was the best gift ever! He hasn't done it again since but that's okay... it's coming... :)

Christmas Day we spent at our home in the morning. Luke had a few presents to open which we of course opened for him but he did take the time to look at each gift and reach out to them. He received lots of Baby Einstein videos, some cute outfits, a book, a very colorful musical elephant and some great toys. He also received a savings bond & some money (Jeff is excited to open Luke's very first bank account!). We appreciate everyone's special thoughts & generosity!

The rest of the week was spent mostly with family and it was good to bring Luke out and about to see new things. I think he gets tired of being in the house so much but I'm still not quite confident enough to be toting him around with me unless we're going to a friend or family member's house. Especially when I know how cranky he gets right before his naps! He's napping for about two hours about every hour and a half to two hours so there's not a lot of awake time in between when you factor in his feedings. He's done pretty well though for as much as we were on the go this week.

New Year's Day and the day after marked another special time for us... Luke rolled over! The first day from his tummy to his back and the next day from his back to his tummy! It was so exciting! It's just amazing how strong he is getting. We also put him in his Jumperoo on New Year's Day. He can't quite reach the ground yet so we put something under his feet and also something around his torso to keep him upright. His head is very strong now but he does get tired after holding it up for so long that he'll just slump over. I've caught him a couple of times with his head on the tray of the Jumperoo and he's just sucking on a toy or the tray itself while resting his head! We also played Peek a Boo for the first time and he just giggled and giggled. The next day though he didn't even smile for Peek a Boo. Funny how something works one day and the next .... not so much... oh well!!

Anyhoo.. that's the latest and greatest from the Heptings here in Arizona. We wish you a very Happy and Healthy 2009! May you and your families be blessed!