Two Celebrations: One for 3 Years & One for 5 Months!

Gosh, where does the time go?! Not only did we celebrate Luke's 5 month "birthday"... we also celebrated our 3 year anniversary on the same day! Although we didn't do much on the actual day, we'll most likely go to a "nice" dinner next weekend and Jeff's parents will babysit for us. I really enjoyed the evening though because Luke was in bed by 7 which gave us an earlier relaxation time. We ordered Chili's take out and watched The Biggest Loser and it was perfect! And it's actually exactly what we did last year too! :) I wonder what we'll do next year!

Luke is becoming more and more like his own little person and it's amazing to be a part of. He is such a sweet, curious, active boy! Not to mention extremely cute! :) This past month we endured "cry it out" bootcamp! For those who have not heard of it, we got the "okay" from Luke's doctor to start letting him cry for lengthy periods of time during the night because he was unable to put himself back to sleep. Although some moms let their babies cry until they fall asleep without going to them at all, this was not the approach we took. We did go in and let him know that we loved him and did not "abandon" him at specific time intervals that we were comfortable with and it ended up taking about 3 nights. It's been three full weeks now and he generally goes to bed around 7/7:30 and doesn't wake up until about 5:30/6:00 but will go back to sleep once we give him his pacifier until about 7/7:30. We're happy with that! And at that point he usually wakes up pretty happy and will play in his crib until we come in. There's nothing better than starting the day with his cute little gummy smile! Welll... maybe not so gummy anymore...

This brings me to the news of announcing Luke's first tooth! We found it this morning and it is his bottom right one. He's had a lot of other recent firsts too... he went swimming this weekend and he started eating cereal. Everything has gone better than expected and it's been so much fun! So what else has he been doing? Luke has been rolling around, talking a lot (and loudly! mostly "ahhhhhh" and grunt noises), trying to sit on his own, attempting to "army crawl", and he likes to stand like a big boy too. We also started him on a sippy cup which he doesn't quite get the hang of yet but we were impressed with how well he did for his first few times.

Luke was able to meet his Canadian friends, Finn Sawatzky and Vienna Voth, last week while they're here visiting for Spring Break. Finn is almost exactly two months older than Luke and Vienna was born the day before Luke. The three of them were pretty cute checking each other out. It's times like this that we question a possible future move to Vancouver! Luke would have so many friends there ... as would we! :)

Next month we welcome Kelsey and Kristin Lindberg's visit during their Easter break! They are the daughters of Jeff's cousin coming from Michigan. They are 17 and 15 .. is anyone else thinking what I'm thinking? BABYSITTERSSSSSS! :)

Enjoy the pictures and we'll be in touch again soon! XOXO

In the upper right hand corner of the slide show is an "Options" tab.. if you click on that and check the box for "captions" it'll include my notes for each picture. Not sure why it's not showing up automatically!