Conversation with Luke...

5 Longgg Days

Jeff comes home from his golfing trip tonight and we are so excited! I showed Luke a picture of Jeff yesterday and he started waving his arms really fast and doing this fun little noise he does. Although it's been a long five days all by myself with the little guy, it's been really good for the most part. The whining tends to get on my nerves after a while when it is non-stop but the poor little guy was cutting his 3rd tooth! I found it yesterday.. his upper left one. Finally! It seems like we've been waiting a while for this one to come in! Also yesterday, I went into his room when he woke up from his nap because I heard him crying and there he was... just sitting up in the middle of his crib! He has been sitting up by himself for a while now if we put him like that but this was the first time he actually pulled himself to this position all on his own. And I know it won't be long before he is pulling himself up and standing. I can see him trying really hard already. I think I'm gonna have my hands full! :)


Happy Easter - a little late!

Luke will be 7 months old in just 9 days! I honestly cannot believe how quickly the time passes. He is a busy little boy and we have been a very busy mommy & daddy these past couple of months! We have had so much going on ... both good & not so good.

We received joyful news of the early arrival of our new niece, Kaitlyn Marie. She was born on April 3rd and is absolutely precious! We were in Vancouver last week and it was a huge blessing to meet her! She is very, very cute and we can't wait to see her again later this year!

Sadly, Jeff's great Auntie Kay passed away at the end of March due to a fall she took that did some irreparable damage. She was a great woman and we appreciated the support she showed us throughout our relationship. Quite a few people traveled here for her service but it was especially nice to visit with Jeff's Auntie Lorraine and Uncle Ed. Uncle Ed was here for a few days and Auntie Lorraine stuck around for almost two weeks. This time turned out to be even more of a special gift than we had thought... Auntie Lorraine passed away on April 24th due to a fall she took down her stairs. She was Jeff's dad's youngest sister .. such a fun loving, easy going woman .. we will greatly miss her.

A few weeks ago, we said good-bye to our good friend Michael who moved to Tokyo, Japan to teach English. He has been living in San Diego for the past few years but we've kept in great touch and have enjoyed his many visits. We're so excited for him but it was still sad to see him go.

Kelsey and Kristin Lindberg came for a visit on Easter Sunday for a few days! I hope they had a good time. :) It was SO nice to have extra hands around and I know Luke enjoyed having some new faces to look at. :) They were supposed to babysit Luke so Jeff and I could have a night out but he got his first fever and ended up being pretty sick for a couple of days. Bummer for us but hopefully they'll be back!

So off to Vancouver we went last week for Auntie Lorraine's service. Luke did very well on the plane, both ways. He did get sick on our way there so the first couple of days he slept wonderfully and was pretty low key. He really enjoyed waking up with grandma and grandpa though and I enjoyed it too because I was able to go back to sleep. :) We spent a week there but Jeff was working remotely so we didn't get out as often as we usually do. It was so nice to see family and friends that we hadn't seen in a while and we're looking forward to our trip back later this year.

Now on to the Lukester! He's eating lots of different foods and I'm pretty sure he's enjoying them. It's so hard to figure it all out but I think we've finally got it down. He's been sitting up all by himself and today he started crawling! It was so exciting and such a proud moment for us! It wasn't 100% crawling... more like 1/2crawl 1/2 mermaid?? But I think it still counts. :) He's not talking much more than he was before. I'm hoping to hear a little "da da" "ma ma" some time soon though. :) His nights are "okayyyy". He was doing really well sleeping through the night and then the teething began. And then he was sick. And then he was starting solid foods so you don't know if he has gas. It's always something! So he's back to waking up once or twice per night... we're working on that this weekend.

We DO have a video camera now... thank you tax refund! :) We'll try and get a little video of Luke posted soon. It'll be so fun to give a glimpse of his personality to those of you who have never met him! But for now, enjoy the slide show below and we'll try to post again sooner next time!