Happy Father's Day!

We had a great first Father's Day honoring Jeff and all he does for our family. He has been so wonderful with Luke and so helpful to me. It's been so fun to watch Luke light up when he sees Jeff first thing in the morning or when Jeff gets home from work. He most definitely LOVES his daddy and I get teary eyed watching their interactions. I love it! We enjoyed an early morning at the driving range, then church and then we had our friends, Scott, Erin & Nora over for a BBQ. Nora is Luke's BGF (best girl friend). :) Luke surprised daddy with an "andex chart" as his Father's Day gift. I think it might've been his favorite gift ever! (nerd) :)

Luke is doing really well. He has eight teeth now and you'd know it if he got your fingers in his mouth! Those things are sharp! EVERYTHING goes into the mouth right now. I've read that it's part of their developmental process but when you see him putting rocks in his mouth, it kind of makes you wonder. :) But yes, he is our little explorer. He is crawling and pulling himself up every chance he gets. And he loves to have us help him walk. He is also standing on his own for seconds at a time. He's so strong and we're thinking he will be walking on his own pretty soon. YIKES! It definitely has changed things... I'm a lot more tired at the end of the day trying to keep up with him! But at the same time, it's SO much fun!

So that about sums it up... pretty exciting stuff. :) The weather's heating up and we're hoping for some type of escape out of the heat at some point this summer. Hopefully we'll get the opportunity but we don't have any summer plans... for the first time in a long time! My, how life has changed!

We'll be in touch again soon... xoxo