Summer Time Fun

It's been so long since we've posted! I honestly cannot believe how quickly time is passing these days. We just returned from our summer trip to Vancouver and thought it'd be a good time to post. Let's see... what have we been up to? As many of you know, Luke is now walking and he is walking very well. He took his first steps the day after he turned 9 months and it took a few weeks before he got past about 15 steps or so. But I wouldn't be surprised if he started running tomorrow... he's just so sturdy on his feet!

Next month, Luke will turn one! We're so excited to celebrate this special day and we've been taking some time recently to reflect on this past year. We both agree that it's been the most challenging year we've ever had in our lives but at the same time are overwhelmed with the joy and love Luke has brought to our family and even just to each of us as individuals. He is an amazing little boy with a very sweet, but active, personality. And when I say active, I feel that's an understatement! He's crazy but so so much fun too. Most people say "well, he's a boy!" but I think he's even more hyper than most other boys I've seen! So we're hoping for a little mellowing out over the next year. :-) But all in all I am really enjoying this stage with him. He is sleeping well, eating well, "speaking" well, playing well... it's definitely my favorite stage so far.

So enjoy the photos and we hope to be in touch sooner next time around!