Our little 1 year old

We can hardly believe that Luke is ONE! We actually have a one year old. It's just crazy. We had a fun little birthday party for him at our house and in attendance were his family (that could be here) and his cute little friends. We're so lucky that Jeff's parents and my mom could be here to celebrate this special day with us. We know Luke doesn't know any differently but it means more than I can express to Jeff and I. Thank you for being here...

Luke is definitely on the move! He is busy, busy, busy. He absolutely loved all of his presents which included, trucks, Elmo toys, books, puzzles, blow up house with balls, stuffed animals, legos, pajamas, clothes, money, etc. The list goes on! I can honestly say that there hasn't been a gift he hasn't played with everyday since! Most of all, though, I think these have been gifts for me too! He's been playing so much more independently which means less clinging onto mommy! Yay! :)

So Jeff and I were talking about this past year and the surprises we encountered as first time parents. We knew it'd be challenging, yet rewarding, but honestly, now that I have experienced it, I realize how clueless I was before!! Here are a few "highlights" of our discussion:

1. How on earth a little being can poop so much - seriously... it's ridiculous! And that they poop that much and still gain weight..
2. How hard it can be on a marriage - it's a whole new understanding of expectations between one another and they constantly change as the baby changes too. It's hard but of course so worth it.
3. How important sleep is... for mommy, daddy AND baby - it's hard to come by early on and sleep deprivation is hard to avoid. It can really take a toll on us all - physically, emotionally and spiritually. I heart sleep. :)
4. How every month brings more joy, love and laughs to our lives. Each stage just gets better and better! I LOVE it!!
5. How we can love love love our sweet boy so very much ... more than we ever could've imagined loving anything or anyone. I can just look at Luke and begin to cry and thank the Lord for such a precious gift. He is just the light of my life - even when he is misbehaving. It has helped me comprehend God's love for us so much more than I did before.

So this list could go on and on and this list changes for us on a daily basis! But all in all it's been a year of great blessings. Challenging yet rewarding, just as all the wise women tell me. :)

So these days Luke is climbing on everything, is opening drawers, is reaching onto the counter tops (even though he can't see anything he just knows something's within reach!), loves being outside, loves his walks and runs in the stroller, is practically running, falls a lot, enjoys his books (or usually the same book over and over and over again), is learning to follow instructions (for example: can you bring this to daddy?), brings me his shoes and sticks his foot out for me to put it on (even if we're not going anywhere), still enjoys his Baby Einstein videos, is eating well, is sleeping well (and later in the morning... yay!), should be saying his first word any day now (he talks A LOT but no "real" words yet), is down to one bottle at bed time which only has milk in it now, has all of his baby teeth with the exception of his incisors which are currently on their way, and laughs a whole lot! He is a very, very sweet little boy with a lot of energy and a lot of smiles... truly a precious gift.

And as for Luke's mommy and daddy... well... we are great! We are not planning on baby #2 any time too soon for those of you who keep asking and for those secretly wondering. We'll let you know when the time comes though. :) I am not working too much which has been a blessing but a sacrifice at the same time. I absolutely love (most days) being home with Luke but obviously not working full time means less of an income which means a little more sacrifice on our part. Jeff's job is going really good right now... praise God for a job, right? We really can't complain.

We'll be staying home for the holidays (boo hoo) but will enjoy another visit from my mom in February (yay!) and Jeff's parents will be back for a couple of months come March (yay!). Jer, Tam and our sweet little nephew and niece will be here for Spring Break again and so we are very excited for what's in store the first part of next year! I am getting closer to feeling brave about traveling to NY with Luke on my own but I'm not quite there yet! Hopefully we'll get there some time in the next year or so. We have so many special people to see!

So here are some pics to enjoy! Love to you all! xoxo