Luke is 15 Months old!

We can hardly believe our sweet little boy is 15 months old already! We had our appointment with our pediatrician this past Monday and were pleased to hear that Luke continues to be growing, physically and developmentally, right on track. He's pretty consistent with his "stats", remaining in the 80th percentile for weight and 96th percentile for height. Not a small boy by any means but he's healthy, which makes us happy.

What I don't like about these appointments is the shots and how they affect Luke. Ugh... ! It's been a rough few days. Swollen leg, fever, chills, runny diapers (FIVE yesterday!!), loss of appetite, crankiness, extra clingyness, etc. His reactions have been the same with past appointments so we're usually somewhat mentally prepared for it... that seems to help get through it a bit easier. Only two appointments left and then we're done with shots for a long time. I will say, though, that we do enjoy the extra cuddling with our sweet boy. It's pretty precious!

Here are some pictures from this past week... enjoy! xoxo

Luke and his "gf" Nora enjoying a ride on the quad together:

Luke and Nora "playing" in the ball house. I think Nora lures Luke in here for some "alone time" :)

Nora is such a sweet little girl and she loves to share:

Luke, on the other hand...:

And I just couldn't resist this one! He loves his new slippers from Gigi:


Happy New Year!

Okay so let's start with one of my New Year resolutions: BLOG MORE!! :) We'd like to wish everyone a very belated Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

The past couple of months have been so much fun with Luke! He enjoyed his first Thanksgiving dinner with all the fixins, courtesy of his Auntie Jen and Uncle Ryan. We enjoyed spending the day with their family and some friends from church.

This is probably the first December that we haven't been totally on the go and it was actually kind of nice. I had my office Christmas party, an ornament party with some great women from church, some birthday parties and I think that's about it! We've been busy with Christmas shopping, wrapping gifts and lots of playdates and time at the park. Jeff took it easy with our lights this year so we weren't the brightest house on the block this season. It took us about a week to get our house decorated with the little guy running around but we finally got 'er done!

My favorite time of year is Christmas! I love everything about it... the lights, the music, the Christmas tree, the decorating, the chill in the air (yes, there's a chill even in Arizona!), time with family and most of all, the story and celebrating of the birth of a little baby who came to save the world. The Christmas Eve candlelight service is also my favorite. Jeff ushered at both services this year so I stood in the back with him and since Luke did not do well in the toddler room (again), he got to be with us as well. We hosted Christmas Eve festivities in our home with Jen, Ryan, their girls and Ryan's parents who were in town visiting. And then off to their house for Christmas Day dinner. It was fun!

Opening presents with Luke was VERY fun! He actually did quite well opening most of his own gifts, although I am sure the fun for him was tearing the paper! And he was spoiled... THANK YOU SO MUCH to our generous family & friends for all of the gifts you gave/sent him. He has loved his new books, videos, and toys.

New Year's Eve we spent with our dear friends, Scott, Erin and sweet Nora Bacchus. They made a wonderful dinner for us and we enjoyed some game time when the kids went down for sleep. We don't get much time together sans kids so it was a lot of fun. And we all made it to midnight... who'da thought?!! I have a feeling next year might not be too different!

And now for a Luke update:

*He is signing a few words: more, water, eat, thank you (sometimes on his own and sometimes with some coaxing)
*He is saying a few words: up, yes, dog, mama, dada
*He makes animal sounds: oinking, bocking, mooing, roaring
*He is pretty much sprinting... it's hilarious!
*He wakes up usually between 7 and 7:30, sleeping occasionally until 8
*He naps from about 11:30 until 1:30/2:00 most days
*His bedtime is anywhere between 7 and 7:30, occasionally closer to 8
*He's been off the bottle since shortly after he turned one... he has a sippy cup of milk when he first wakes up and a sippy cup of milk with 1/2 banana at bedtime.
*He eats pretty good. For breakfast he usually has fruit with one waffle or a piece of toast or a nutrigrain bar. He has a mid morning snack with some juice. Lunch is usually a cheese stick and 1/2 pbj sandwich or grilled cheese or quesadilla. He has a mid afternoon snack with some milk and then dinner at 5:45. He'll usually eat what we are having. Since he doesn't know any better, he usually enjoys what I've made. :)
*He is VERY into anything with wheels.
*He is VERY into his books.
*He is VERY into light switches.
*He is VERY into Mooshu. I have to say that Mooshu comes in quite handy some days. She is SO good and gentle with Luke and Luke loves to provoke her.
*We are still struggling a bit with separation and stranger anxiety. I am praying that doesn't last much longer.
*He is almost done with teething, with the exception of his 2 year molars. I can't say I've enjoyed this process.
*He is a major cuddler... he loves to sit on our lap and nestle his little head into our necks while reading or watching a video.
*He is absolutely attached to his blankie, teddy and soother (pacifier). Uh oh??
*He sleeps with white noise on and he actually sleeps better with it a bit on the loud side. We have it set to "rain". I think he'd sleep really well without it if we ever moved to Vancouver! :)
*He has not tried to climb out of his crib yet, surprisingly!
*He is climbing onto the coffee table, the ottoman and his toy box. He is quite proud of himself too.

This might be information overload for some of you so I'll call it quits as this list could go on and on and on! We are very thankful for a healthy little boy. He brings an abundance of joy to our family and everyday he is learning something new. It's just amazing to be a part of and I am grateful for the privilege to be his mommy. Now remind me I said this next time he wakes up in the middle of the night screaming! :)

Here's what going on the next few months for us: we've decided that if we get a "great deal" on flights that we will head up to Vancouver to watch the Olympics with our family. We may not get to go to the actual Olympic Games but that's okay. My mom will be here for a visit in early February. Jer, Tam and our niece and nephew will be here along with Jeff's parents in March. And I am hoping to make it to New York in April to introduce Luke to so many special people!

Pictures to follow shortly... and I hope to be blogging again soon with some Luke updates! xoxo