Luke is 15 Months old!

We can hardly believe our sweet little boy is 15 months old already! We had our appointment with our pediatrician this past Monday and were pleased to hear that Luke continues to be growing, physically and developmentally, right on track. He's pretty consistent with his "stats", remaining in the 80th percentile for weight and 96th percentile for height. Not a small boy by any means but he's healthy, which makes us happy.

What I don't like about these appointments is the shots and how they affect Luke. Ugh... ! It's been a rough few days. Swollen leg, fever, chills, runny diapers (FIVE yesterday!!), loss of appetite, crankiness, extra clingyness, etc. His reactions have been the same with past appointments so we're usually somewhat mentally prepared for it... that seems to help get through it a bit easier. Only two appointments left and then we're done with shots for a long time. I will say, though, that we do enjoy the extra cuddling with our sweet boy. It's pretty precious!

Here are some pictures from this past week... enjoy! xoxo

Luke and his "gf" Nora enjoying a ride on the quad together:

Luke and Nora "playing" in the ball house. I think Nora lures Luke in here for some "alone time" :)

Nora is such a sweet little girl and she loves to share:

Luke, on the other hand...:

And I just couldn't resist this one! He loves his new slippers from Gigi:

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