Olympic Fun!

It's raining today... the perfect day to blog. :)

February was a fun month for us! We enjoyed a visit from my mom and Don who came thanks to a great deal Southwest ran a couple of months ago. It's always so nice to have an extra set of loving hands around. We had a relaxing weekend together with lots of time outside enjoying the beautiful weather we've been having. We look forward to seeing them again over the summer... we'll probably head to Texas at some point for a visit.

A week after mom and Don left, we headed to Vancouver for a week. So fun! Luke was his usual hyper self on the flight out there but slept through the night most of the time we were there. Unfortunately he did get sick towards the end of our trip which made the trip home a bit longggggg. He was SO naughty on the way home. Kicking the seat in front of us, throwing things over the seat in front of us, temper tantrums... so not fun & so embarassing. But he slept until almost 9 the next morning so he was forgiven. :) But I digress!! (the story of my life since Luke has entered it)

The hype in downtown Vancouver was fun to be a part of! The streets were blocked off with crowds everywhere (which made for very long lines) and there were people from all over the world there to cheer for their home countries. It was really cool to see. The weather was beautiful that day and we enjoyed the day with Jer and Tammie (without kids!). And although I didn't LOVEEEE the hockey game we went to, at least we can look back and say we attended an Olympic event. Who can say that?!! Now had we been at the Canada vs. USA game, that'd be a different story. Wasn't that a great one to watch?

So what is Luke up to these days besides misbehaving on airplanes? Well, he is busy as usual and sweet as can be. He is still working on talking but trust me, just because he is not talking doesn't mean he isn't making noise... this kid is loud! Screaming seems to be his new thing which means more discipline will be our new thing. And that's never fun. I'm not sure if you've heard of "Yo Gabba Gabba" but I have to tell you that there is one episode that we watch over and over called "New Friends". Have you heard of the actor, Jack Black? He is the guest actor for the episode and it is seriously outloud funny! That has been Luke's new favorite thing and it's the only show he actually sits and watches from start to finish so if you need an extra 30 minutes... ;) He still enjoys his books, puzzles and blocks and he loves to be outside or in the garage. It seems each day brings more cuddles our way. He is finally giving voluntary hugs and kisses which, of course, melts our hearts. Such a cutie!!

Tuesday brings more fun as Jer, Tam, Josh and Katie arrive for a fun filled 10 days. "Uke" can't wait to play with Josh and Katie again. They are all so cute together!

Will post pics and video some time this week... stay tuned!