April Update

April's been a beautiful month here. We've had great weather and Luke loves to be outside. We have often enjoyed jogs, trips to the park and play time in the backyard together. He has also loved his "active" role in helping his daddy with outdoor projects. Jeff's put some new plants in the backyard and front, as well as laid over four tons of river rock in our front yard. We got Luke a little wheelbarrow for Easter which was quite helpful in transferring the rock. So cute! And our front yard is finally feeling finished.. it looks great!

We spent Easter at Jen and Ryan's house and Luke ate his first jellybean. Or should I say first fifty jellybeans! He loved opening the eggs and was surprised each time they would scatter everywhere. And of course then he would eat them off of the ground. Gotta love it. He was spoiled, as usual, too. I had so much fun filling his little wheelbarrow with presents. We got him a couple of cd's (toddler tunes and praise music, so cute!), a Veggie Tales video, a new bathing suit and a few pieces of chocolate. He also got some cute things from Auntie Jen and Grandma/Grandpa, as well as an "Easter package" from Gigi and Don!

Last weekend, Luke turned 18 months! We had our usual dr. appointment on Tuesday and Luke weighed in at 28 pounds putting him in the 77th percentile for weight. This is the first time he's been under 90% since he was born. His height and head circumference continue to measure in the high 90's. So he's fairly proportionate and continuing to grow strong and healthy, as we always hope and pray for.

So what is Luke up to these days? His vocabulary is gradually increasing. It's hard not to grow impatient with his progress! It's so cute to hear him communicating that I just want to hear more. :-) Some of his "newer" words are: car, dirt, potty, rock, duck, book, ball, balloon (which he doesn't "fully" say but yes Jer, it counts!), surprise (he says "prise"), food, and more that I can't think of at the moment. He still loves his books, legos, blocks, balls, puzzles, and sadly, watching TV. I try to limit it but he does enjoy Yo Gabba Gabba, Sesame Street, Veggie Tales and occasionally we revisit the old days with Baby Einstein. He LOVES to run around... FAST. And then he usually falls. Lately he has been having "quiet time" in his crib with some of his books. He likes it and initiates it so why not?! :-) I leave his door open and he just calls for me when he's done. It's quite nice. I actually get to get a few things done around the house.

I wish we could report that his separation anxiety was improving. That would be my biggest frustration right now. The past several Sundays at church have not gone well.. one resulting in him throwing up. So, I'm not sure what we're going to do there besides keep trying but it's hard not to feel discouraged about it. It's such an effort! Of course, despite the challenges, he still lights up our lives! His cuddles and sweet laughter make up for it so I guess we'll keep him. :-)

Next month we look forward to swimming and soccer lessons and Luke will have the pleasure of doing both with his sweet little friend, Nora. So fun!

More soon... xoxo


Video Overload! :-)

Nothing exciting but here's Luke just before his Easter egg hunt:

Running at the park:

Lots of fun with the cousins:

I think this might be from November?? Just thought it was cute:



March Update!

I am the worst blogger ever. I think about blogging at least once each week but I just never get to it. I don't know why it seems like so much effort when it totally isn't. I just stink but as usual promise to try and be better. :-)

So since our last update, we enjoyed a visit from Jer, Tammie, Josh and Katie. Luke finally made it to the zoo for his first time. He played quite a bit with his two little cousins. We celebrated Jeff's parents' 45th wedding anniversary. Jeff enjoyed some golf. It was a busy, fun time!

March 18th, we celebrated our 4th anniversary. Gosh, 4 years?! An amazing blessing to celebrate. Sadly, we didn't do much that actual day (bad wifey). In fact, I think we had leftovers and caught up on some TV that night. Pretty boring but welcome to marriage after four years and being exhausted after putting your toddler to bed. Can I get an amen?! But we did head out to Palm Springs the last weekend of March for our first "vacation" without the little guy. It was SOOOO fun! Jeff's parents got some good bonding time with Luke and as we anticipated, Luke did not miss us at all. Didn't cry once. I, on the other hand... well... I didn't CRYYYY per se. I might've teared up a bit on our way out and once or twice over the weekend. But all in all I could've handled another night or two. It was really great to relive the earlier days... staying up late, sleeping in, relaxing pool side, dining out just the two of us... all in silence! It was pretty blissful, I cannot tell a lie. :-) And even though it was a perfect weekend and I'll look forward to the next time, it was a long three days to be away from our sweet boy! We loved getting home and seeing his reaction. He seemed pretty happy ... he started showing off right away and doing this little dance that he does when he's excited. Very cute.

I'll update for April soon and will shortly post pictures and video! You are going to be impressed at how quickly our next blog update comes! :-)