Birthdays, Boats & Ear Infections..OH MY

A happy belated blog birthday wish to my hunky husband! Jeff turned blankity blank last weekend and thanks to some dear family friends who offered to watch Luke, we enjoyed a Saturday night out with our friends, Josh and Katherine. Did you know you could eat free at Benihana's for your birthday? We both really like it there so we took full advantage of that! Followed by some delicious Yogurtology... I love that place!

Here's what I got Jeff for his birthday:

Ha! Yeah right. My gift was WAYYY better than this. (ha! yeah right.) Let me introduce you to the newest addition to our family... well... shared custody. Jeff, Jer and Dad have bought this little black beauty and we look forward to lots of fun with it during our lake trip this summer. We're going to take it for a spin on the lake next week some time (waiting on a life jacket for Luke) and Jeff's parents will drive it up to Vancouver for some summer enjoyment (which includes our Kelowna vacation!) and then it'll come back here in the fall. This boat will get around!

This week's not been the greatest as far as vomit, poop and ear infections are concerned. BLECK! Sooooo... we picked Luke up after our Benihana outing and the ever so sweet Mr. and Mrs. Glups reported that he was such a good little boy... but he vomited his entire dinner all over the place. WHAT??!! Oh how bad we felt! You never want someone else to clean up your child's vomit. Heck, we don't want to clean it up! So we brought him home and he vomited again. Poor little guy. It was a late night getting everyone and everything all cleaned up and off to bed. The next day he wasn't too bad but he still wasn't quite himself and on Monday... not good. So off to the doctor for a diagnosis of double ear infections. Accompanied by a fever, nasty cough and runny nose. Besides some loss of appetite, slight irritability, excessive dirty diaper changing (thanks to the antibiotics), one more night of vomit, and an extreme overdose of Veggie Tales, the week wasn't too bad! Crazy what we get used to as parents. He still slept well at night and took pretty good naps so that helps make everything else seem a little bit easier. We treated him tonight to McD's chicken nuggets and he ate 3 so I think he's on the mend! Below is a photo from the other day at approximately 5:00 p.m.. For those of you who know our child, you know that this is highly unlikely to ever happen!

On to "bigger" things... :-) I am still feeling pretty good. There are always little fears that creep into my mind at this early of a stage so I definitely look forward to my next appointment. Two more weeks! Hearing that little heart beat and the "okay" from the doctor gives such a great peace of mind. And I'm not really much "bigger" than before .. just was making a joke. He he. :-)

We're off in a couple of weeks to enjoy some cooler weather in Castle Rock, Colorado. We'll be visiting Jeff's cousin, Randy and his wife, April and their little boy, Isaiah, who is turning 3 very soon! April is also expecting and our due dates are super close. We'll both find out in July what we're having. Come on pink!! (or blue of course) ;-) He he.

More soon! xoxo

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April said...

Oh that poor little guy! Happy belated bday jeff - like the boat!
See you all soon!!! can't wait!