Sunday's Separation Scenario

I am so grateful for the response we received as a result of our last blog post. Thank you to those of you who shared your experiences and much appreciated words of wisdom and encouragement.

After thinking and praying more about it, Jeff and I came up with our plan! We had given both church service times a try (allowing several weeks for him to become comfortable in each one) and felt that if we had to choose which one he did "well" in, we would choose 1st service. It wasn't close to nap time or lunch time and would give us some wind down time when we got home before nap time. In addition, Jeff is going to change his ushering commitment to 1st service so we can be there as a family. So I'm really excited to stick with this! Well, maybe excited isn't the right word but I feel encouraged! :-)

And I'm happy to report that Day 1 of this brilliant plan began today. After a late night watching Avatar (great movie by the way!) I wasn't so sure how pulling us all together earlier in the morning would go but we did it! And Luke did REALLY, REALLY, REALLY WELL in the toddler room today! He started crying before we even reached the doors and cried a bit harder and louder as we handed him over so I was feeling confident our big red number would be flashing before we even sat down. But they didn't! And when we picked him up he was happily playing with toys and smiled when he saw us. I felt so relieved. Miss Carrie said he calmed down quickly and played very nicely the whole time. I cried. :-) We'll be praying for the same turn out next Sunday.... we'll see!