15 weeks plus photos & video

Today begins week 16 and what a blessing that I was able to feel the baby move for the first time this morning and he/she has been nonstop since then! I am so busy with Luke that I forget sometimes that there is this sweet little baby growing inside of me. Well, I forget until I try on my pants and can't get them buttoned! :) Just a couple of more weeks until the big reveal... yay!

We've had a great weekend after fully recovering from Jeff having food poisoning (not from my cooking thank you very much) and me having a stomach bug. Bleck! Luke's been great though! He had lots of fun at swimming lessons with daddy on Friday and on Saturday they had great quality time together. Jeff took Luke to do a few errands in the morning... his parent's house to add chemicals in the pool (they are in Vancouver), Fry's to pick up a few things, Home Depot, Leslie's Pool Supply and then after his nap, they spent the afternoon in the pool. I loved watching from the window and hearing them laugh together.. it was so cute! :)

Here are some recent photos & video we thought you would enjoy!


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April said...

Such an exciting time! Loved watching the videos!