Pregnancy FAQ's

Well, I have completed 14 weeks of pregnancy! Sometimes I think, "that's it?" and other times it feels like it's flying by. I had a great doctor's appointment this past week and heard that sweet little heartbeat. I just love it! I did have some red spotting last week for a few days, in addition to some cramping in my side the week before, and it was making me anxious so I bumped our appointment up just for peace of mind. I had spotting also with Luke but definitely not as frequent or as red as this time. And definitely not accompanied by any kind of sharp cramping. The doctor felt it was most likely related to my exercising (grrrrrr) which I had of course stopped once these issues started. So I'll be taking it easy around here.

Anyhoo, to answer some very common questions that we seem to get asked, here you go:

1. When are you due? Somewhere between December 10th and 14th. We'll find out for sure at our next ultrasound.
2. How did you tell Jeff about the pregnancy? After sanitizing my little stick, I wrapped it in a box and put it in his Easter basket. He knew though because I was very anxious for him to open it! :)
3. How have you been feeling? Great! Still needing that nap every other day or so.
4. Have you been having any cravings or food aversions? I have, so far, craved yogurt, granola (there's a certain kind at Albertson's that I just love. It's called Erin Baker's Oatmeal Raisin.. mmmmmmmmm.), fruit juice, and fresh fruit. As far as aversions, I've been having trouble with raw meat and bacon definitely grosses me out.
5. Are these the same cravings/aversions as when you were pregnant with Luke? No, I don't think so. I remember craving french toast and donuts, more pastry like foods. And I wonder why I gained almost 60 lbs!! And I don't recall any aversions.
6. Are you showing/wearing maternity clothes? Well, we can tell that I am showing but I doubt you could unless I showed you, which I probably won't. :) My maternity clothes from before are still too big for me but a hair rubberband helps keep my pants from cutting off my circulation if I'm not wearing sweatpants or a dress.
7. Are you going to find out what you're having? YES! ON JULY 12TH! :)
8. Do you think you're having a boy or a girl? A BOY! :)
9. Are you hoping for a girl this time? Kind of an unfair question. I wouldn't say I am "hoping" for a girl. I think it would be really cool to have a girl for a few reasons. A.) I am such a girly girl myself and I have always imagined having a sweet daughter someday to spoil and do girly girl things with as a mom. B.) It'd be fun to have one of each. C.) I really like pink. And purple. And tutus. I would ABSOLUTELY NOT be disappointed if we had another boy! Luke is so absolutely precious. I think it'd be so fun for him to have a little brother and for our family to be "me and the boys". :) It's truly a win win!
10. Are you stopping at 2? Well, let's just take it one kiddo at a time. :)

Anyhoo, I think I've covered 'em! More to come soon.. we have a cute video of Luke "driving" the boat! :)


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