Summer Updates

We recently returned from visiting my mom in Texas. Boy was it hot there! You really do get used to the "dry" heat in Arizona. I couldn't believe how sensitive I was to the humidity! It was my first flight experience by myself with Luke and it actually went really, really well. Even with our delays! I really can't complain about the way there or the way home. We got lucky and had an extra seat next to us both ways so it was nice that he didn't have to stay on my lap the whole time.

Due to the weather, we didn't get to do too much while we were in Texas. I did have the chance to visit with my friend, Stacey, that I know from Scottsdale. I enjoyed a night out with her and a couple of play dates with her and her kids. She actually flew out to Scottsdale while I was there to help her sister whose son Jack is currently fighting Neuroblastoma. She's an amazing person and it was so great to see her. Luke and I also played a lot with the other kids on my mom's street, we visited with my Grandma a couple of times and also with my Aunt. I hadn't seen them since Luke was 4 months old so it was really great to catch up in person and spend time with them. And of course, Luke had a great time with Gigi and Don. I can't imagine I would want to go on a trip that long again with two kiddos until they're a bit older so I'm glad we got the chance to spend that much time with my mom while we were able. And I have to admit, I was homesick! It was so great to get home to Jeff and I realized while I was away how helpful of a daddy he is.

Since home, we've been keeping busy! I attended the first mom's night out event hosted by Scottsdale Moms Blog co-founded by my very creative, talented friend, Steph. I had a great time and was even more excited when I won a facial at Bleu Pond Spa which I will enjoy next weekend! :) We had our last soccer lesson too. Not sure we'll do that again although it was a fun experience. I just think Luke would have just as much fun in an open play gym. Maybe we'll try again in a couple of years.

We head out next week for Vancouver already. We're so excited! It'll be great to see family, friends and cooler temperatures! Stay tuned for pictures....

Is it too obvious that I figured out how to do links finally? he he.. :)