September Stresses

Update on potty training: never happened! :( We hope to try some time soon but we have been under a bit of stress lately thanks to a certain tenant of ours. Long story short he was in there for 3 months and now is gone. What a mess that was! Total God intervention though and we re-rented it within a day of him being gone and have been hard at work getting the house cleaned up and ready for its new occupants. And not only did we re-rent it but we didn't have to take less. Crazy how it all happened! Again, total God thing and we are so so so very thankful.

So that's what we've been busy doing. Still no name for this sweet little girl yet. Still no anything really. And I can't believe we have less than 11 weeks to go! But nursery/name/necessities for baby #2 are next on our list. :) We do have our names narrowed down to just a few so at least we're not starting with a clean slate. I'm down to visiting the doctor every two weeks now. Where has the time gone?! We scheduled our c-section for December 14th which will take us past 40 weeks. Not my first choice as I was excited about being able to have her around 39 weeks and not have to endure that very last week. :) However, we've decided that if I go into labor, we'll try to deliver naturally and avoid another c-section. Going to 40 weeks gives us a little extra time to allow that to happen. And if it doesn't happen, then it doesn't but I don't want to wonder if it could've later. Either way, we are very much looking forward to her safe and healthy arrival!

Luke is doing awesome! His verbal skills are improving everyday and it's super cute and so much fun. Well, except when he repeats the same word 50 times in a row, then it's not AS cute. :) But now he loves to say "mommy's car" or "daddy's truck" or "my blankie". There's something new everyday. I am proud to say that he is ALL boy. He's still very much into his trucks (dump trucks, monster trucks, garbage trucks, fire trucks, really any truck!). He recently discovered the cartoon, "Max and Ruby" and is obsessed. He likes to shovel the dirt in the backyard and ride his quad. He is VERY high energied and definitely keeps us moving! One of his newer words that I love to hear him say is "cuddew" and he LOVESSS to cuddle. A few short minutes later, it usually turns into climbing all over us and then transitions to jumping on the couch but it starts off very sweet. :) Hard to believe he is going to be TWO next month!! Seriously, where does the time go?!

So I think that's all for now. I just posted pictures below and I still have some video to sort through. I am so behind! If anyone's available to do that for me, let me know. Oh and if you could also put my photos in a photo album, finish my laundry (which is clean, just on the dresser in my room), clean my bathrooms, mop my floors, put together our nursery and maybe pick a name for our baby (pending our approval of course), that would be SOOOO helpful! :)


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