Video Updates

It's so funny (and a bit strange) to revisit video from just a few months ago. Luke has come such a LONG way with his vocabulary and pronunciation. This was a cute one from when we were in Texas visiting my mom and we skyped with Jeff one night:

This video is from when we were in Vancouver. While in Vancouver this summer, we visited this "random" place close by called "Art Knapp's". It's a landscape nursery which also sells home decor, collector cars/trains, has a mini-golf course, a small playground and offers train rides around their grounds. It was actually quite a fun little place to visit.

We also visited White Rock Beach with some friends. You can see sweet little Kayden Glups crawling in the background. :) Luke saw, touched and picked up his first crab. Pretty cute. (and gross, but I think only to me :)

I have quite a bit more... soon to follow!

Things are great around here. Just getting as ready as we can for this new little one to arrive. Visiting our blog probably freaks me out the most ... seeing that little ticker on the side... yikes! Today it says "23" days!!! The nursery is mostly done... we still need a couple of smaller items and a crib but nothing that we NEED to have before she comes. With Christmas shopping on the horizon, we've decided to wait on some things for the nursery and also on a double stroller and a new monitor. I'm still researching the strollers.. I just can't decide! And I definitely want to upgrade our video monitor at some point. I am excited to share that we HAVE decided on a name! It's not my "number 1" name but that's okay... marriage is about compromise, right? :) It's a beautiful name and I know it will fit her perfectly.

Luke is awesome. What a fun little guy he is! We definitely have our challenges some days but for the most part, he's pretty darn good, I must say. :) He's very into the Toy Story movies right now. I hear "Woody Buzz Woody Buzz" about a million times a day. And if we see them somewhere, like on a poster or shoes or something, we have to stare at it for a long time and there are usually tears when it's time to move on (and not from me I might add :). He still loves his trucks, specifically monster trucks and garbage trucks. We bought him a little balance bike for his birthday and he's been riding that a bit more often too, which has been really fun to see. He's still wearing diapers, enjoying his pacifier and sleeping in his crib and we don't plan on changing any of these things any time soon. :)



October Photos

A friend of mine shared this site with me and said it's her favorite to use for photos. I checked it out and I like that you can speed up or slow down the viewing of the photos (use the - and + in the lower left of the picture box). It's good for those of you "older" folks who have a hard time reading the small print quickly. :) If you move your mouse over the photo, you can read the captions. That's the only part I don't like but maybe there's a way to get that and I haven't figured it out yet. Will keep you posted. Enjoy the pics! :)