December is here!

November and December are so much fun, aren't they? I love looking forward to Thanksgiving and then Christmas. We enjoyed Thanksgiving at Jen and Ryan's house... I can't believe I didn't take any pictures! :( We went just before Luke's nap time and he slept while we ate. It was quite nice to enjoy great company and a delicious meal without the struggles of feeding a toddler in an environment outside of home. Jen outdid herself once again preparing pretty much everything and allowing me to bring a cheese ball... gee thanks! :) It was a pretty tasty cheese ball if I do say so myself AND it was nice not to be slaving away in the kitchen. She's a very considerate sister in law. :) And a great chef. Everything was absolutely DIVINE!! This prego mamma thoroughly enjoyed herself. :)

We put up our tree Thanksgiving morning and decorated it the following day. And Jeff had started the outside lights a few days prior. I've gotta say... it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! :) We've minimized our interior decorations only because I don't have the energy to say "no" to Luke a million times a day and he just seems to be fascinated with everything these days. No thanks! We've still done quite a bit though. Luke just LOVES the tree and the lights. He plugs it in every morning and if we unplug it during the day, he plugs it right back in. He also looks at our stockings and says, "daddy's, wuke's, mommy's, sister's". It's precious!

And speaking of "sister"... any day now! I am 39 weeks and will see at my appointment on Tuesday how I'm progressing. At my 38 week appointment, I hadn't made much progress but was also measuring a week behind. The doctor is supposed to start some natural inducing procedures next week but needs a little progression for that to happen. We're still praying for a vaginal delivery but if it doesn't happen, she'll be here on the 14th. 11 days from now at the latest... CRAZY!! Things to do before then: clean the house AGAIN, finish painting in the nursery (we decided to do just one wall due to a little mishap), finish Christmas shopping (two more gifts to get!), anxiously await the arrival of my new baby book from Ruby Love recommended long ago by my friend Steph, pack our hospital bag... hmmmm, that might be it! :)

We really appreciate all of the hand me downs we've received thus far and have had numerous friends & family, who are adamant about gift giving apparently :), ask what we need for baby girl. My friends Laura and Heather, both with two little girls of their own, have graciously given us oodles and oodles of clothes. My friend Kim has given us a crib mattress and mattress pad. The Bacchus family gifted us this past weekend with a new diaper pail... THANK GOODNESS! This was one of the "must haves" on our list. We have been so touched by the thoughtfulness and generosity of our family & friends. Truly. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. It's such an awkward moment for me when people ask "what do you need? what can we get you?". We certainly aren't expecting anyone to get us anything but for those who have been persistent in asking, here is what remains on our list of what we are looking to purchase in the next month or so. We very much realize that there are a few big ticket items here so obviously, gift cards would be a big help. Okay, here we go: a hamper, white noise machine (this is the same one we've used for Luke, my old alarm clock, and have grown to really like it. it reflects the room temperature which has come in quite handy), a double jogging stroller (we have been keeping our eyes on craig's list hoping to find a slightly used one), and a crib (we may have found one on craig's list.. just looking for a used one this time around). We would obviously never turn away any "fun" gifts like cute outfits, soft blankies or anything else "girlie" but just thought we'd share our little list for those who have been asking what we "need". And again, thank you for being so generous. Our response: spoil yourselves with all of those great deals going on out there! :)

Anyhoo, that's the skinny around here. Below are a couple of videos of Luke... still trying to play catch up. :)


Here's one from this awesome indoor place we went to while in Canada this summer. Luke LOVED it!! It was honestly the fastest slide I've ever been on, called "the lava slide". They have warning signs to cover all skin and let me tell ya, I had capris on and left with burn marks!:

Luke's first time with a punching balloon. I love the jumping!:

And we'll end with a bit of a longer one. Now Luke actually says "auntie" and "uncle" before the names, but here's a run down of the fam: