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our little Makenna. Makenna Evelyn Hepting joined our family at 11:55 a.m. on Tuesday, December 14, 2010 at 7 lbs 2 oz and 19.5 inches long. She is absolutely precious and we have really been enjoying getting to know her. So far, she has been pretty relaxed. She's eating really well and sleeping a lot (gotta love the first weeks of life with a newborn!). We were in the hospital from Tuesday through Friday since she was delivered by c-section. We were hoping and praying for a vaginal delivery but we knew all along it was in God's hands and for some reason that He only knows, she wasn't meant to arrive the way we were hoping. But in all honesty, this experience has been FAR better than what I went through with Luke. Perhaps because I didn't labor at all beforehand and so it was easier on my body but whatever the reason, my recovery has been much, much easier. Praise God for that.

Many have asked how we arrived at the name "Makenna". To some of our friends and family, this is a name they've never heard of. All I can say is that we both had heard of the name and we just really liked it. We decided to go against the most common spelling which is "McKenna" only because it made us think of the menu at McDonald's but either way we went, we knew it'd never get spelled correctly anyhow. I think it's just one of "those" names. :) The middle name we chose, "Evelyn", is my grandma's name and since we chose a family name from Jeff's side for Luke's middle name (Henry), we really wanted to honor my side of the family as well. My grandma is very special to me so I am really happy that she has a "normal" name for us to use. :) It will be a meaningful moment when we can share with Luke and Makenna who their middle names are named after.

We have had two doctor appointments since leaving the hospital. Makenna is gaining weight very well and is in the 33rd percentile. Luke was always in the high 90's so it is just amazing to us how tiny she is! When we left the hospital, she was 6 lbs 10 oz. At her first dr. appointment, she was 7 lbs and one week later, she was 13 ounces heavier! Her doctor said she definitely had a growth spurt! She's still such a little peanut but you can definitely tell that her cheeks are filling out.

Luke is adjusting pretty well. We've had some challenges but almost three weeks into this and I can see a huge difference. He's warming up to Makenna and will actually go near her now... and touch her. He had asked to hold her a couple of times when she first came home but quickly changed his mind and would pull away from her. I could tell he was hurt by me too as he didn't really want to cuddle with me at all and wanted Jeff to do everything for and with him. It definitely hurt me as it's been an adjustment for me too (and I have crazy hormones :) but I know he doesn't understand. It breaks my heart when he asks something of me that simply isn't possible due to Makenna. We're getting into a groove though. Jeff has been working from home the past two weeks but goes back to the office on Monday. I am dreading it!!

Many of you may have seen this already, but if you haven't, you can click here to see the slideshow the hospital provided. Makenna is 2 days old here. The password is AZS121610bMakenna .

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April said...

I totally understand...!!! This is a big adjustment, I feel bad for Little Man quite often. And since I have another reflux/fussy baby it is rough. Praying for you all ...May God help you through, be your strength, help, comforter and more. I have found that prayer is like breathing lately... =)