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Ahhhhh... !! Where have we been?! I know, I know... it's been way too long. Especially when we have two sweet ones to keep you informed about. Well I can't promise I'll be back more frequently but I'll do my best to try. :)

So, our last post, Makenna was about a month old and now she's 4 1/2 months old. Crazy! She has been rolling over for quite some time, has two teeth, babbles, blows raspberries, jumps like crazy in her jumperoo and I think will be sitting up and crawling before we know it. It's amazing how quickly they develop. She has had a hard time teething, which of course translates to interesting days/nights for her mommy & daddy. But aside from that, she is the sweetest little thing and we just love her to pieces. She is still not sleeping through the night but most nights is only up once to eat and most nights will settle back to sleep fairly easily, keeping me up only about a half hour or so. We do, however, have a night or two a week where it's much longer or she's up really early or she's up several times a night. It seems to be getting more consistent though. Her napping is pretty good. It'll definitely be easier when it isn't as frequent. She WILL fall asleep in the car which is great, Luke never would. But she naps longer at home in her swing so of course I prefer that. Her "long" nap is usually in the afternoon during Luke's nap so I've been fairly lucky that that has fallen into place where it has. So a couple of short naps and one longer nap of around an hour and a half to two hours and then bedtime is around 7-ish.

Luke... our little parrot. He is just too fun right now! He had a rough first couple of months with Makenna becoming a part of our routine but he is absolutely so sweet with her now. He loves to greet her when she awakes from her naps, he loves to tickle her, swing her in her swing and whatever he can do to get her to smile. He truly adores when she smiles at him. It's very sweet. He is saying anything and everything so we have to watch what we say (he he). He's still very into garbage trucks, monster trucks, riding his bike and reading his books, not to mention Max & Ruby (ugh).

So life with two: In many ways, it's harder and in many ways, easier. Harder: I have NO time. For anything. It's getting better and more balanced but it's been a tough reality for me. Washing my hair once a week, unable to connect with friends/family the way I would like to, limited computer/phone time, too tired to exercise, grocery shopping, cooking dinner, cleaning my house, LAUNDRY, LAUNDRY AND MORE LAUNDRY, eating, peeing and even napping. The days I finally get to the point of laying down for a nap are the days Makenna decides to sleep for like 30 minutes. I know, right? My grace meter tends to empty more quickly on the days Makenna's not napping as well or her teeth are bothering her. And Luke's misbehavior can get to me more quickly too. Some days I feel like maybe we were meant to have only one? And other days I feel like supermom... those easier days: naps fall into place, we've made it to nap time with no tantrums or time outs, we've run an errand and it's gone smoothly or we've gone to the park and left happily. Then I came home, folded the laundry, tidied the house and made dinner. Or maybe this only happened one day. Or maybe I dreamt it. :) However it happened, it felt good. :)

Anyhoo, of course I could go on and on because it's been so long but I'll try and come back sooner with another update. I'll have to let you know how their dedication went at church and how Luke did when we took his pacifier away and with his "big boy bed" transition and what Makenna's percentiles are... she's a chunk! :) Lots to still share...

Below are some recent photos...


Luke meets Makenna:

Makenna at 2 months:

Makenna at 3 months:

Luke and Makenna:

Luke helping daddy mow the grass:

Luke in Palm Springs having so much fun at an indoor arcade:

Luke, at almost 2 1/2, the day of his dedication:

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Steph said...

welcome back to the blogging world!!!! So glad you have you!
Luke & Makenna are PRECIOUS! Just wanna eat 'em up!