Happy 6 month birthday to Makenna!

Our precious little girl is 6 months old today and she was such a little angel today! She was up later than usual last night (like way later) but slept in until 8:15 this morning. Took a nice, long nap this afternoon and during her wake times, was just so much fun. Lots of smiling and talking... she's just too cute.

We have her 6 month appointment on Monday so I'll be curious to see what she weighs. I am guessing 18 or 19 pounds...she's a little chunker! Luke was 20, I believe. Here's an update on what she's doing these days:

*still not sleeping through the night consistently. Every once in a while, we get lucky. Had 3 nights in a row a couple of weeks ago but no matter how much we try and replicate that night, we can't get it to happen again.
*still nursing and it's finally going well. we had a rough go earlier on but with a lot of hard work and determination and herbs and a prescription and lots of pumping (phew) we are finally in a more consistent routine. and i would be okay if i never saw a pump again. :)
*started some solid foods but her sensitive tummy hasn't responded well. She enjoys eating and actually has done quite well with the spoon feeding but I'm going to hold off until we see the pediatrician to ask some questions about her tummy's response.
*she's just about sitting up all by herself.
*she still only has 2 teeth but I'm pretty sure I felt another one coming through the gum. We've had a couple of rough days and nights accompanied by yucky diapers and a low fever here and there sooooooo.... if that's not proof enough...
*she LOVES Luke. She just lights up when he's around. It's actually quite helpful. :)
*she also LOVES her daddy. It's so cute how excited she gets when Jeff gets home from work.
*she loves to watch Mooshu too but hasn't shown the same amount of excitement... yet.
*anything & everything goes into the mouth.
*she's talking a lot. She has muttered "ba ba ba" and "da da da" the most.
*she laughs a lot. We can get a good chuckle going and it's absolutely precious.
*we are still swaddling her with one arm in. I know, I know.
*she naps pretty well... at least two naps per day, sometimes 3. One of these naps will usually last around 2 hours. Funny thing though, and this happened with Luke too... she usually wakes up 30 minutes into it and we have to go in and rock her again back to sleep. We figured this out after getting her up and unswaddling her as if nap time were over only to have her be completely cranky and rubbing her eyes. The efforts that go into nap times some days ... well... there should be awards for these sorts of things!
*her personality is actually quite cute. She's pretty happy most of the time, she can be very loud and she can also be very mellow. She's expressive in that we usually know when she's hungry or tired or needs a change of scenery but unlike Luke, she's been easy (for the most part) to figure out.

We are blessed to have two beautiful children and although some (or most some weeks) days are challenging, we have a lot of great laughs and know that these moments will be gone in the blink of an eye. I try to remind myself when my grace meter is low that God chose me to be the mommy to these two little ones and I have a lot of opportunity to show them love and grace every single day. This has been an adjustment for all of us but all in all, I couldn't love my family more!


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April said...

Bless your heart! Whew... She is precious! The time flies so fast! Before we know it they will be one! And while I don't want to wish away the moments now... b/c N. is so sweet and precious... I know that a lot of his issues (we hope) will be gone by around 1... so I am looking forward to that, I hope! And you too... Makenna will be hopefully sleeping good for you by then and eating with no problems! Many hugs! Wish you were next door so we could walk through all this together!