And the next 3 months after that ...

Oh where to begin! How have I let 8 months go by without a peep?! My first excuse was that I was a tired mama of two who just did not want to be on the computer after a long day of .. well... everything that comes along with having an infant and a toddler. We finally "sleep trained" Makenna and I felt like a whole new person, ready to conquer the world.. and this blog. But then we moved. And then there were birthdays and out of town visitors and Thanksgiving and Christmas, etc. I'm justified, right? :) Well, Makenna is almost 14 months old now and Luke will be 3 1/2 soon! I'm hoping to make this more of a priority as there's really no better way to journal about our goings on. And there's a lot of that with two little ones always on the move!

I certainly will not be attempting an 8 month update in this post but I will try to do some highlighting. Shortly following my last post, my mom and Don had come for a visit to meet Makenna for the first time. It was, of course, very welcomed help! Luke enjoyed the extra attention and I enjoyed the extra help around the house!

In July, we headed to Vancouver for our annual summer vacation. A little more low key this year having a 7 month old in tow. Lucky for us, there was construction in Jeff's parent's neighborhood so we spend a lot (and I mean A LOT) of time watching the bobcats (especially) and various machines doing their thing. We did get to enjoy downtown Vancouver, sans kiddos, celebrating Jen's 40th birthday. I think that might've been the highlight for us!

Jeff started a new job with Wells Fargo in August which changed his commute from 15 minutes to over an hour one way! Boooooo for long commutes.. especially with two little ones at home! Ugh... the thought of him being gone for an hour and a half longer a day was just saddening, but what do you do? We were thankful for the opportunity (his contract was ending at American Express) and you have to do what you have to do. After about a month, we decided to consider moving back to our "old" house, which had a tenant, which meant asking the tenant to leave (luckily he was month to month), which meant we would have to rent our house first, if we could. We prayed about it. We put it on the market and from then on, it was almost seamless. Too seamless. I couldn't believe how all the little details came together.

Soooo... in September, we moved. Jeff's commute is now less than 30 minutes each way. We live across the street from an awesome park. We're closer to the zoo, the greenbelt, shopping, great restaurants... I've really enjoyed being back in Scottsdale. Unfortunately, we've downsized to about half of what we had gotten used to but we've been taking advantage of our time back in the house. I'm surprised at how much we've accomplished around here: removing the popcorn ceilings & replacing carpet (done prior to move in), painting the interior & exterior, replacing all of the windows, replacing the french doors with a sliding glass door, and I'm sure I"m forgetting something... We would still like to replace a door that is in the guest bathroom with a window, paint/stain our cabinets, replace all of the hardware, and perhaps the kitchen/bathroom sinks and faucets. And the big project will be the master bathroom... we're still talking about that one. Jeff's contract with Wells Fargo is for 18 months so we'll be here for at least that long.

I will leave you with a few photos just for fun and update again soon with some birthday party details and photos!


Father's Day 2011

With Don & Gigi

During our Vancouver trip - riding a little train at a local nursery

Luke and Joshy pretending to sleep .. they were too cute!

Katie LOVED holding Makenna!

Luke and Grandpa

Makenna with Grandma and Grandpa at the park

Our night on the town

Jeff and his sissy

This kid cracks me up!

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Chris and Rebecca said...

YEAH - thanks for the update!!! So good to see some pics and hear how things are going. Keep it up girlfriend, we miss you guys!