October 2011 update - Luke turns 3!

It has been no secret that our little guy has a bit of an obsession when it comes to garbage trucks. He LOVES them, we have four of them in our home and they never get old! He keeps asking for an orange one but we haven't found one that is reasonably priced. The only one I have found is $60! Ummm... not happening. But I keep looking.

We decided to hold his birthday party at the park near our house which was perfect. It was a beautiful day and it was so nice not to have to plan activities for the kids. They just had a blast on the playground and playing in the sand! We're so grateful for our sweet family & friends who were able to celebrate with us.

The invitation:

Made with love by mommy (candle placed with love by sweet little Nora):

Dear friends make it more special:

Alyse & Luke enjoying some cake together:

Can't forget the little lady:

Luke & daddy:

Luke's cutie pie little friend, Jack:

On his actual birthday, we enjoyed an evening of jumping on trampolines and in bounce houses at a fun place called AZ Airtime. Luke loves it here!

Keeping with our theme of garbage trucks, we were completely surprised to find out that they make "house calls"! I called the City of Phoenix to find out if they had anything I could buy for the birthday party and they offered to have a truck pay Luke a visit! I couldn't believe it and knew it would probably be the best day of his life. And that it was! It was AWESOME! Luke's friend, Jack, was able to share in this very special excitement!

We were outside as soon as we heard them turn down our street!

"Driving" the truck:

Jack and Luke:

Bye bye truck:

Another big milestone for us this month was beginning preschool. We had a bit of a rough start thanks to the ever lingering separation anxiety issues we've had but after about two (very long) weeks, Luke settled in very well and looks forward to his school days now. I absolutely love what he is learning there, from shapes and letters to manners to Bible songs and so on. It's super sweet and so much fun to hear about his day.

On our way to school:

And the little lady:

I believe that about sums up our October! Stay tuned for November. :)


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