November/December 2011 Update

In an effort to catch up on blogging, let's begin where we left off, shall we? :) November and December highlights included a visit from my sister, Jodi, who had not yet met the kiddos and Makenna's first birthday! But first, a picture from Halloween that I should've included in our last post! :) Luke was Buzz Lightyear and Makenna was a cute little ladybug. We had so much fun trick or treating! Anyhoo :) Jodi is getting married in October and Luke, Makenna and myself are all part of the wedding. I haven't been back to NY since 2007 so I'm so excited to visit with family, see my childhood friends and meet all of their kids. A lot has changed in 5 years! So Jodi came for a visit and I had pre-warned her that most of our activities will surround the little ones.. she was a good sport! And it was great to spend some time with her!
We celebrated Makenna's 1st birthday a little earlier since Gigi and Don were able to be in town early December. We kept it simple and casual with immediate family and our dear friends, the Bacchus'.
Makenna started walking a few days after her birthday too! Life's been at a faster pace since then. :) Makenna is feisty but very sweet. She is more easy going than Luke was at this age but is definitely not the "mellow" 2nd born most had told me about. She is very active... climbing on everything, getting into everything. She is our little cuddler though and like her big brother, loves her "soother" (pacifier) and her blankie. For her birthday, she received a little play kitchen and dollhouse both of which she finds pieces to chew on for now... not really into pretend play yet. :)
December 25, 2011 was the first Christmas we've had on our own with our little family. It was Vancouver's turn to celebrate with Jeff's parents so they were not in AZ. And Jeff's sister and her family headed to NYC for the holidays so we were on our own! We were blessed to enjoy the company of our sweet friends, the Flies family, on Christmas Eve. On Christmas day, we opened our gifts and headed to the park for some great fresh air and play time for the kids. That evening, we loaded up the car and drove to see some beautiful Christmas lights. It was a semi-quiet day of reflecting on and celebrating our dear Savior's birth. So sweet to share the meaning of Christmas to our precious little people!
Until next time. xoxo